Golf is really hard, and you can’t buy a better handicap.

I know that the golf industry tells you that the latest and greatest technology is going to make you a better player. I created HONE Golf to be a global golf brand that makes the game affordable for everyone, so you can spend your hard-earned money on the range balls and greens fees that will actually lower your scores.

Your story is probably a lot like mine. I spent twenty years upgrading from one premium putter to another, hoping to shave strokes off my scorecard and feel like I had something special in my bag. My credit card bill went up, and my scorecard kept looking the same. Then I realized that something special doesn’t need to be expensive. It needs to be made well and feel right - round after round, on any green, in any conditions.

I’ve done a lot of research into what it takes to make a well-designed, well-constructed putter from quality materials. With HONE putters, you get the right grip, a head design that feels and sounds right and provides consistent feedback on every stroke, and a customizable look that will have your playing partners excited to learn more about your new club.    

HONE putters sell for under $200 today.  My goal is for the price to drop as we grow.  Golf may be hard, but it is also fun. Our team is working to make sure everyone gets the chance to put in the work to get better and leave the 18th hole excited to play the next round.

Play golf, have fun, and keep honing your game.   - Andy

HONE Your Game